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Fovea Digital Radiography manufactures, upgrades, and services X-Ray machines for veterinarians and veterinary clinics throughout the United States. Not only do we service what we sell, but we can also service veterinary digital X-Ray machines from other manufacturers.

About Fovea DR

Fovea Digital Radiography, the first digital radiography provider to be exclusively dedicated to the veterinary field, is one of two companies that introduced digital radiography technology to veterinarians in 2005. It is the only one of those two to survive today.

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Our dedicated team of engineers and designers has a passion for helping veterinarians exceed the Standard of Care. Our staff works with veterinarians to test and improve our software and veterinary digital X-ray machine.

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Contact our team today. Fovea DR’s veterinary digital radiography machines allow you to improve the standard of care for your patients, help give families peace of mind for an accurate diagnosis, and give you 24/7 IT/software support. 

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