Flat Panel DR Upgrade Systems
Add our DR Panel to an existing film or digital system
Flat Panel DR Complete Systems
Our Custom Made table configurations with Flat Panel DR
Complete DR system with factory quality images for the life of your system
Certified Pre-Owned Systems
Limited availability with exceptional value

"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the Fovea system. The detail of the picture is so superior to traditional film
I can’t believe it."

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Fovea offers multiple system configurations. We manufacture each system to meet the specific needs of your clinic.


We created Fovea to provide the best digital radiography solutions possible. We knew that given the right tools, doctors would be able to provide patient care on an entirely new level. As we look to the future of this technology, our industry, and our company, that sentiment rings truer than ever. The technology is here. We can help you make faster, more accurate diagnoses. We can help your practice stay on the cutting edge and continue to grow. We can give you the tools that will make a difference in the lives of your patients and customers. - Greg Owen, Founder/CEO

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