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Fovea brings veterinary-specific software, imaging, techniques, and workflow to veterinary digital X-Ray machines. Our systems work better because they are designed with veterinarians in mind, incorporating years of feedback from them.

Our Story Begins With Bailey

Our story begins with Bailey. Bailey was a gentle, friendly and playful chocolate cocker spaniel and was beloved by his family. When Bailey was just a pup, he ran out excitedly to meet the family car and he accidentally got caught under a tire.

Bailey’s family rushed him to the local veterinarian for emergency treatment. Horrified and anxious for any news, the family waited for the doctor to return with word of Bailey’s condition. When the doctor returned, it was determined that Bailey would need X-Rays immediately to determine how extensive the injury was and what steps should be taken next.

Meet Our Incredible Team

Our dedicated team of engineers and designers has a passion for helping veterinarians exceed the Standard of Care. Our staff works with veterinarians to test and improve our software and veterinary digital X-ray machine.

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Bailey's Story Continues

Using his trusty old film X-Ray system, the doctor carefully took several views of Bailey’s rear extremities and abdomen. However, this was a long, arduous process that resulted in films that were not entirely clear. As time passed waiting on the results, the family became increasingly worried as they wondered if Bailey would live. The whimpers, crying, and tears in Bailey’s eyes made the trauma of the delays real.
Fortunately, Bailey healed from his broken hip and lived a long, healthy, and happy life as a beloved furry member of his family.
Greg Owen, Fovea’s founder and Bailey’s human dad, wondered why the imaging process took so long and how to improve it. Greg assembled a team of engineers and professionals guided by veterinarians, technicians, and radiologists to investigate how to bring emerging technology in digital X-Ray machines for human radiography and use them to create a whole new leap in technology for veterinary clinics.

What Sets Fovea Digital Radiography Apart

Every Fovea system is backed by an industry leading warranty on parts and labor. Every system comes with our exclusive Support for Life program, giving you live access to our friendly technical support team for as long as you own your system. No other company provides veterinarians with the support, warranty, or diagnostic reliability that Fovea offers.

Support for Life

Many of our competitors in the industry stop supporting their equipment and software when your original warranty ends. Fovea’s Support for Life is there for you whenever you have an issue and need help troubleshooting your system to keep your machine up and running and in good order for the lifespan of your system. This is separate from the warranty that we provide, which will end at the end of the term you received with your purchase. But Support for Life enables you to continue using our technical support by purchasing an annual support plan or through our hourly support options. For as long as you own the machine you purchased from us, you will have access to our remote support team.

Warranty & Support

Fovea offers an industry leading all-inclusive, parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty. Our warranty will provide you with peace of mind and access to live, friendly, and helpful support from the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Our support team consists of factory-trained experts, all of whom work out of our factory. You’ll always deal with someone who understands how your system was designed and built if a support issue arises.

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Our systems work better because they are designed with veterinarians in mind, combined with years of feedback from them. We bring veterinary-specific software, imaging, techniques, and workflow to veterinary digital X-Ray machines. Contact Fovea to start the conversation.

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