About Us

Founded in 2005 with the goal of introducing one of the first full direct digital radiography systems to the veterinary industry, our mission is to support veterinarians in improving the quality and efficiency of diagnostic outcomes. Fovea proudly remains the exclusive national equipment company entirely focused on the manufacturing, sales, and servicing of veterinary diagnostic imaging equipment. Our dedication is to empower veterinarians to deliver the highest standard of care.


Our Story Begins With Bailey

Bailey, beloved by his family, was a sweet and playful chocolate cocker spaniel puppy. One day, his youthful energy led him to dart towards the family car, resulting in an unfortunate accident where he got caught under a tire.

Rushed to the local veterinarian for urgent care, Bailey underwent assessment with the standard diagnostic tool of the time, a film X-ray system. However, the process was slow and the findings inconclusive, leaving Bailey’s family anxious as they awaited updates on his condition.

After some time, it was determined that Bailey had sustained a broken hip from the accident. Fortunately, he recovered and lived a happy life as a beloved family member.

Inspired by Bailey’s ordeal, Greg Owen, Fovea’s founder, and Bailey’s owner was motivated to enhance veterinarians’ diagnostic capabilities. He formed a team of experts, including engineers and industry professionals, who collaborated with veterinarians to establish Fovea. Their mission was to introduce state-of-the-art digital X-ray technologies to the veterinary market, aiming for faster and more accurate diagnoses, ensuring patients like Bailey get the prompt care they need.

What Sets Fovea Digital Radiography Apart

Fovea Digital Radiography is dedicated solely to serving the veterinary industry, with our focus entirely on assisting veterinarians in delivering the highest standard of care. We offer a wide range of imaging products, solutions and services tailored to aid veterinary professionals and practices. Fovea distinguishes itself by providing unparalleled support, warranty coverage, and diagnostic reliability unmatched by any other company.

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