Our Products & Solutions

Fovea Digital Radiography stands as a premier manufacturer, seller, and service provider of imaging equipment within the North American veterinary market. We provide an extensive array of imaging products and solutions to aid veterinarians and veterinary practices.

Fovea Whole Body X-Ray Solutions

Fovea Whole Body X-ray systems are engineered for reliability and diagnostic excellence. Designed for longevity, they are backed by our industry-leading warranties. Fovea guarantees the utmost value and maximum return on investment. Combined with Fovea’s irisHD DR system and our array of imaging software options, our systems can be customized to precisely match the requirements of your practice.


Fovea DR Retrofit & Upgrade Solutions

Whether it’s one of our systems or another brand’s, Fovea offers flat panel DR retrofit and upgrade solutions to revamp your outdated analog or aging digital X-ray equipment, breathing new life into your system. Additionally, we provide software and computer upgrade options to support systems that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer or supplier.


Fovea Equine & Mobile X-Ray Solutions

Fovea sets the gold standard in equine and large animal mobile X-ray solutions. We provide customizable case, backpack, and in-room solutions to meet your specific needs. With our cutting-edge software and technology, we raise the bar when it comes to mobile X-ray.

Fovea Dental X-Ray Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a complete system or individual components like dental generators, laptops with software, or dental sensors, we have you covered.  Fovea offers a range of dental X-ray solutions that can be tailored to suit your practice’s requirements.

Fovea Software Solutions

Fovea strongly believes in tailoring the software powering our imaging products and solutions to provide veterinarians with a streamlined and user-friendly workflow. All our software solutions feature a uniform user interface, offering our customers a single platform that powers all our solutions. Each piece of software was developed with veterinarians and their staff in mind, equipped with a wide array of tools necessary to aid in delivering the best diagnostic outcomes.