Dental X-Ray Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a complete system or individual components like dental generators, laptops with software, or dental sensors, we have you covered.  Fovea offers a range of dental X-ray solutions that can be tailored to suit your practice’s needs.

Sensor, Laptop & Software

Fovea dental systems are designed to be modular, allowing for flexibility and ease of maintenance. Once you acquire the software, sensor, and laptop, each component can be changed, replaced, or upgraded independently as needed. Our systems are compatible with any existing dental generator, or alternatively, you can opt for a hand-held or wall-mount solution from us.

Fovea offers a business-class laptop optimized for our Fovea Imaging Acquisition software. Featuring a 16-inch LED display, Windows 11 Pro, an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 Pro CPU, 16GB of RAM, and SSD internal storage, this laptop ensures smooth operation and efficient workflow.

Our modern CMOS dental sensors were specifically developed for veterinary use, meeting the demands of intraoral dental radiography. Additionally, they excel in capturing high-resolution X-ray images of small animal paws, avian, and exotic extremities, as well as other small body parts.

Fovea Dental Sensor Specs

Hand-Held & Wall-Mounted Dental Generators

Fovea provides veterinarians with two options for dental generators, each offering unique benefits to enhance their practice.

Our hand-held generator offers unparalleled portability, allowing veterinarians to perform dental procedures with ease wherever they go. Its convenient design eliminates the need for permanent space, making it ideal for on-the-go veterinary professionals and practices with limited space.

Our wall-mounted generator provides durability, streamlined workflow, and improved ergonomics. This setup ensures long-term reliability while optimizing the efficiency of dental procedures. Moreover, wall-mounted generators deliver superior image quality, thanks to their wider tube voltage, as well as enhanced adjustability in focus and exposure times. They also facilitate easier positioning for optimal image capture, reducing the need for retakes due to improper technique.

With Fovea’s range of dental generators, veterinarians can choose the solution that best suits their practices needs, ensuring top-notch dental care for their patients.