DR Retrofit & Upgrade Solutions

Whether it’s one of our systems or another brand, Fovea offers flat panel DR retrofit and upgrade solutions to revamp your outdated analog or aging digital X-ray equipment, breathing new life into your system. Additionally, we provide software and computer upgrade options to support systems that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer or supplier.


Fovea Flat Panel DR Retrofit Solutions

Is your veterinary practice ready to embrace the benefits of digital X-ray imaging? Are you in need of a digital X-ray system that seamlessly integrates with your current X-ray unit, providing easy installation, user-friendly operation, and superior diagnostic image quality?

Fovea’s DR retrofit and upgrade solutions are compatible with nearly every X-ray table manufactured. By transitioning from outdated film, CR, or CCD technology to a state-of-the-art Flat Panel DR system, you can achieve superior diagnostic images. Powered by our Fovea Image Acquisition Software, our DR solutions are intuitive to use, enhance workflow efficiency, and deliver exceptional X-ray results. Additionally, our DR solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your practice management software and configured to transfer X-ray images to an image management system (PACS).

Contact a Fovea Sales Professional today to explore whether upgrading your existing X-ray system or opting for one of our other Whole Body X-ray Solutions is the best fit for your needs.


Whats Included

Fovea irisHD DR Flat Panels

Fovea provides a comprehensive selection of flat panel detectors designed to meet the specific requirements of your practice. Our panels are optimized for Avian & Exotics, Companion Animals, and Large Animals. Whether you require specialized imaging solutions or not, we offer the right panel to meet your needs.

Our panels seamlessly integrate with your existing x-ray system. All our panels feature Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillators and Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) technology, ensuring optimal image quality while minimizing radiation exposure. We believe in empowering you with choices that truly matter. You can select from panel sizes including 10”x13”, 14”x17”, and 17”x17”, as well as choose between wireless, tethered, or hybrid operation based on your preferences.

Fovea offers panels with higher resolution and sensitivity, ranging from 100 μm to 150 μm. Lower μm values indicate higher panel sensitivity, resulting in superior image quality with reduced radiation dose.

Our range of flat panel detector options are suitable for every need, including whole-body imaging, DR retrofits/upgrades, and equine & mobile system solutions. A Fovea Sales Professional will work with you to choose the ideal panel option tailored to your practice’s needs.

Computer & Software Upgrades

Fovea offers a comprehensive computer, software and support package designed to revitalize your aging digital X-ray system. Our Fovea Imaging Acquisition software seamlessly integrates with a wide range of DR panels and X-ray generators available on the market. If you encounter challenges such as being unable to upgrade your computer and software, or if the company you purchased the system from offers insufficient support or has ceased operations, Fovea is here to help. Contact us today to explore how Fovea can provide you with a solution and ongoing support to prolong the functionality of your digital investment.