Equine & Mobile X-Ray Solutions

Fovea sets the gold standard in equine and large animal mobile X-ray solutions. We provide customizable case, backpack, and in-room solutions to meet your specific needs. With our cutting-edge software and technology, we raise the bar when it comes to mobile X-ray.


Fovea Leonardo Portable DR Suitcase Solution

Fovea presents the Leonardo Mini III Suitcase Solution, establishing the new Gold Standard in Equine X-ray technology. This advanced system incorporates all the desired features of a modern, highly functional X-ray solution.

The Leonardo Mini III boasts an incredibly lightweight design, allowing for easy portability. With the ability to X-ray endlessly without needing to recharge, you can maintain uninterrupted workflow. The system features a 21.5” Full HD touchscreen display, delivering razor-sharp images with remarkable clarity.

Our detector is crafted from nearly indestructible, flexible carrier material, ensuring durability and longevity. With a resolution of 100 µm, it provides exceptional image quality for precise diagnostics. Specifically tailored for equine practitioners and mixed animal practices, the Leonardo Mini III offers an unparalleled X-ray solution.

Powered by Fovea Imaging Acquisition Software.

Specs & Highlights

Fovea Portable DR Backpack Solutions

Fovea offers two backpack portable DR X-ray systems designed for equine and mixed animal practices. Our Leonardo DR Pico solution includes a laptop with a display of up to 17 inches and a 13”x10” detector with a protective box, all conveniently housed in a space-saving, durable backpack. Alternatively, our Leonardo DR Nano solution accommodates a 14”x17” panel and laptop within a backpack setup. Depending on your preferred panel size, we will recommend the ideal backpack solution to suit your needs. Pair it with one of our lightweight battery-powered portable X-ray generators for a complete solution.


Portable X-Ray Generators

Fovea offers both battery-powered and line-powered hand-held portable X-ray generators to cater to your practice’s specific needs. Additionally, we provide a range of accessories for our portable X-ray generator offerings. Contact a Fovea Sales Representative today to discuss your requirements and find the best-fitted option for you.



Fovea is pleased to partner with PodoBlock, the leading provider of accessories and tools for the imaging industry. We offer access to the complete range of PodoBlock products and are ready to assist you in choosing the ideal accessories for your new equine or portable x-ray solution. Additionally, we seamlessly include any PodoBlock items you select in your Fovea order, simplifying the packaging and financing process for a convenient one-stop solution.