Fovea Focus

The Fovea Focus combines quality with simplicity for a cost-effective veterinary digital radiography solution. Our veterinary X-Ray machine also comes with a five-year warranty.

Features of Fovea Focus

Available with Fovea’s irisHD, our complete systems include image acquisition server powered by Intel Core i5, image acquisition software, PACS server and workstation software.

Why Invest in a Fovea Focus?

Better patient outcomes, pure and simple. These tables allow you to work faster. If your patient moves just as the machine took the image, you can retake the image more readily with our technology.

Five-Year Warranty

Fovea Digital Radiography offers up to a five-year, all-inclusive, parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty. Our warranty will provide you with peace of mind and access to live, friendly, and helpful support from the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Our support team is made of factory-trained experts, working out of our factory. You’ll always deal with someone who understands how your system was designed and built, if a support issue arises.

Support for Life

What does Support for Life mean?

Support for life is there for you whenever you have an issue with our software or need help troubleshooting your system in order to keep your machine up and running and in good order. This is separate from the warranty we provide, which will end at the end of the term you received with your purchase.

But support for life is for life. For as long as you own the machine you purchased from us, you will have access to our remote support team.

If you have trouble with any part of our product we are here to support you!