Software Solutions

Fovea strongly believes in tailoring the software powering our imaging products and solutions to provide veterinarians with a streamlined and user-friendly workflow. All our software solutions feature a uniform user interface, offering our customers a single platform that powers all our solutions. Each piece of software was developed with veterinarians and their staff in mind, equipped with a wide array of tools necessary to aid in delivering the best diagnostic outcomes.

Fovea Imaging Acquisition Software

At the core of all Fovea Digital Imaging Solutions lies our Fovea Imaging Acquisition Software. Developed with veterinarians and their staff in mind, we take pride in offering products that utilize the same software and workflow. This approach streamlines training and minimizes learning curves for practices investing in multiple imaging systems.

Our Fovea Imaging Acquisition Software features a user-friendly interface with built-in positioning guide and step-by-step instructions. It empowers users to manipulate images during or after finalizing a study, with advanced annotation tools for measurements, including TPLOs, TTAs, and Vertebral Heart Scores. Additionally, we offer AI-powered tools for diagnosing Hip Dysplasia.

With our software, image export is simple via email, CD/DVD burning, and DICOM send. We also offer bi-directional integration with most major veterinary practice management programs that support DICOM connectivity. We’ve extensively tested and validated our software with numerous PIMS on the market.

Furthermore, our software seamlessly integrates and controls many leading x-ray panels and generators. If you’re looking to upgrade your digital system, we provide new programs and computers to breathe new life into your existing setup. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.


Fovea Enterprise PACS Software

Fovea offers a robust on-premise PACS solution designed to cater to both small and large veterinary practices. Our PACS can centrally stores images and documents from all imaging modalities for long-term storage.

With our PACS solution, you can view images from any workstation in the practice using our full diagnostic viewing application or through our browser-based mobile viewing app. Customers using our Fovea Imaging Acquisition Software will find a consistent look and feel, with the PACS image viewer which offers a more comprehensive set of tools and features. 

You have the capability to compare old and new images from multiple studies for the same patient, as well as compare images of multiple patients simultaneously, great for comparing normal rads with an animals abnormal rads.  Furthermore, within the viewing software, you can import images, manage existing patient information, and export images via CD/DVD, USB Drive, locally to the computer, and attach them within different applications such as your practice management system. You can also add unlimited DICOM send destinations to send images to specialists and teleradiology partners, as well as email images.

Additionally, you can utilize our wide array of tools to view and modify images. This includes adjusting the brightness and contrast, inverting images, zooming and panning the image, and utilizing our annotation tools to mark up images for animal owners or specialists. Our advanced annotation tools enable measurements, including TPLOs, TTAs, and Vertebral Heart Scores, and we also provide AI-powered tools for diagnosing Hip Dysplasia.


Fovea Cloud PACS - View Diagnostic Images From Anywhere

Fovea Cloud PACS is a software solution designed to streamline daily operations in veterinary practices, making them more convenient, cost-effective, and efficient. It securely archives medical images and documents on remote servers, adhering to the highest security standards, and facilitates sharing this data with other veterinarians, specialists, and pet owners online, simplifying communication.

Fovea Cloud PACS seamlessly transfers and stores image files from various sources, including digital X-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound machines, as well as from Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), in a cloud-based archive. Additionally, it serves as a reliable backup solution.

Accessible wherever there’s internet connectivity, images archived in the cloud can be viewed at maximum resolution in DICOM quality through the integrated, web browser-based Fovea Cloud View program and through our on-premise Enterprise PACS software. Even if a different PACS is in use, images from ORCA can be downloaded to the desktop for local viewing

Fovea Teleradiology Services

Fovea is proud to offer access to industry-leading Teleradiology Services that provide our customers with worry-free, fast, and reliable radiology consultations available 24/7/365. With no contracts, commitments, or subscription fees, you only pay for the services you choose whenever you choose to use them—no additional or hidden fees. Through a network of over 80 Board Certified Radiologists worldwide, your results are received on time, guaranteed, or your money back. These teleradiology services help improve diagnostic outcomes for your patients. Routine and stat radiology interpretations are available for X-Ray, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound imaging modalities, and the platform is compatible with all imaging software. You don’t need a Fovea system to use these services. 

Contact a Fovea Representative today to learn about our new customer registration promotion and start experiencing high-quality, fairly priced, and guaranteed on-time teleradiology services.