Our software is designed to interact directly with our Fovea Digital Radiography veterinary X-Ray machines. Our software is specifically designed with a veterinarian’s workflow in mind.

View Digital X-Ray Images From Anywhere

Our software supports Fovea digital X-Ray machines, but it’s so much more. Our acquisition software also supports a wide variety of X-Ray detectors from major manufacturers, future-proofing your digital radiography machines while allowing for growth and upgrades to your vital equipment.

PetPACS by Fovea

PetPACS and is custom coded by Fovea and for Fovea machines. It has been specifically designed with the veterinarian workflow in mind, making your job of saving lives much easier. 

PetPACS is the hub of your digital radiography system. It allows you to view images throughout your clinic with ease. Fovea provides both the server and viewer software for your clinic to help you more easily educate your clients. PetPACS is cloud-enabled, allowing real-time back-up of your data to the cloud. 

Fovea Imaging Software

Fovea Acquisition Software is our imaging software, designed by Fovea and for Fovea machines. This software also falls under our ‘Support For Life’ program! We designed Fovea Acquisition Software as a true veterinary work-flow system, not adapted from or shared with a human-use system. It is designed to work with most practice management systems and teleradiology services. Our team also created Fovea Acquisition Software to support a wide variety of digital veterinary X-ray machines from major manufacturers, future-proofing your imaging machines and creating easier paths to upgrades in the future.

Support for Life

Included with our software is our ‘Support For Life’ program. Some companies charge a fixed amount to support or maintenance their machines. With Fovea, as long as you own your machine that you purchased from us, we will support you through all the troubleshooting of your system that you could ever need!

Fovea Products

Fovea Digital Radiography manufactures, upgrades, and services X-Ray machines for veterinarians and veterinary clinics throughout the United States. We service the veterinary X-Ray machines of other manufacturers in addition to servicing what we sell. Our Support for Life is unmatched in the industry!


PetPACS and is custom coded by Fovea and for Fovea machines.
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Support for Life is there for you whenever you have an issue with our software or need help troubleshooting your system.
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Fovea Services

Websites for your veterinarian workflow.
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