Service & Support

We have world-class service and support for our digital radiography machines.

Our warranty covers both parts and labor, so we won’t be charging you to install parts when your system has a fault while under warranty. We fix it, free of charge.

Support for Life

Support for Life is there for you whenever you have an issue with our software or need help troubleshooting your system to keep your machine up and running and in good order. This is separate from our warranty that we provide, which will end at the end of the term you received with your purchase. But Support for Life, is for life. For as long as you own the machine you purchased from us, you will have access to our remote support team.

What Sets Fovea Digital Radiography Apart

Every Fovea system is backed by an up to five-year warranty on parts and labor. Every system comes with our exclusive Support for Life program, giving you live access to our friendly technical support team for as long as you own your system. No other company provides veterinarians with the support, warranty, or diagnostic reliability that Fovea offers.

Warranty & Support

Fovea offers a up to five-year, all-inclusive, parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty. Our warranty will provide you with peace of mind and access to live, friendly, and helpful support from the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Our support team consists of factory-trained experts, all of whom work out of our factory. You’ll always deal with someone who understands how your system was designed and built if a support issue arises.

PetPACS Director

PetPACS is a comprehensive set of tools to help you get the most from your digital images.

Its features include:

  • Creating CD-ROM of images
  • Archiving and Storage solutions
  • Cloud Archive
  • Communication
  • Teleradiology
  • Workflow Integration
  • Web Viewing
  • WebShare

Other Support Features & Benefits

Practice Management Integration

We work via DICOM and with most systems that support this protocol. We are integrated with Impromed, Cornerstone, and AviMark (via DragonFly), and several of the newer cloud-based (SaaS) products as well.

Exchange Program

The Exchange Program is specifically designed for our existing customers so they might continually benefit from their relationship with us. Contact Fovea if you would like to know more.

Back-Up Systems

We have hardware, software, and cloud options for data protection. Ask us for details, and we can assist you in determining the best option for your clinic.

iPad/Tablet Compatible

All Fovea Digital Radiography systems work with the Apple iPad to retrieve and manipulate images through our exclusive app. Enjoy the convenience of reviewing images with clients and/or staff members from anywhere in your practice or around the world.

Fovea Products

Fovea Digital Radiography manufactures, upgrades, and services X-Ray machines for veterinarians and veterinary clinics throughout the United States. We service the veterinary X-Ray machines of other manufacturers in addition to servicing what we sell. We also feature Support for Life for our machines, which offers superiority for our industry.


PetPACS and is custom coded by Fovea and for Fovea machines.
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Support for Life is there for you whenever you have an issue with our software or need help troubleshooting your system.
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Fovea Services

Websites for your veterinarian workflow.
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