We have had the pleasure of helping doctors and veterinary staff exceed the Standard of Care over the years. Read what they had to say about Fovea. 

People trust me with their pets. I take that seriously. When it comes to equipment for my practice I’ve learned to look at ‘value’ rather than just ‘cost’. And when it came time to purchase a digital X-ray machine, I did my research and Fovea clearly had the best overall quality and price. Better radiography means better patient care. That was the most important thing to me.

Dr. Paul Robertson, DVM, purchased in 2006

A year ago I wasn’t sure my practice could afford digital radiography. Now I don’t see how we afforded to work without it. The money we’ve saved, both directly on materials, and indirectly because of time, has more than made up for the up-front cost of our Fovea system. I believe it’s the single best capital purchase we’ve ever made.

Dr. Ben Leavens, DVM, purchased in 2006

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the Fovea system. The detail of the picture is so superior to traditional film I can’t believe it. I would assume that regular film based systems will be considered malpractice within a few years.

Dr. David A. Marion, DVM

We have been most impressed the time saved producing images, all of which the board certified radiologists feel are the best they have viewed. In some soft tissue cases we are, at times, seeing MRI quality detail.

Dr. Greg Hayes, DVM

Installation was fast and professional, and the tech support is excellent. I have been extremely happy with the image quality and the detail.

Dr. Catherine Dell’Orto, DVM, MPH​

When things are not working, it is stressful and people have been pushing all day. He [support technician] was quick to help and kept me talking instead of awkward silence. I feel it is great customer service.


Our computer technician called to ask a few questions this morning. He stated to me how impressed he was with the Fovea technician and the help he received.


He [support technician] has always been readily available, calm when I am stressed, patient with me. Like today, he goes the extra mile.


Nothing but helpful, polite, sympathetic. I felt like our technical support reps were working as hard as possible to get our issue resolved quickly. Multiple phone calls and emails – excellent communication. I always knew what we were working on or waiting for. I received updates regularly. Both of the reps went above and beyond in caring for our practice and resolving our issue.


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